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Sample Tracks

Here are a few samples of songs recently recorded here at Fingerman:

Fingerman Studios

For decades, Fingerman Studios have helped singer/songwriters to realize their dreams by producing tracks from often basic song ideas. We've helped create tracks in a wide range of genres, including hip-hop, rap, rock, country, folk, classical and much more.

We've now come to a place where we are more focused on our own projects and no longer taking on new clients. Here are a few samples of our own recent work:

Some Recent Projects:


Euphorium is a music project that is helping to bring symphonic metal back into the limelight. Featuring full orchestration, it also focuses on the usual rock instruments. Featuring a male lead vocalist and a powerhouse female named Anni (see below), Euphorium loads the senses with tonal complixity, beautiful sounds, and an unmistakable hard beat.

Visit Anni's Website

Anni is a relatively new vocalist on the scene. She began working with us in December of 2022 and filled in on a few projects. When we realized what a voice she has, we asked a few questions. It turns out she had always dreamed of having a singing career and so we agreed to work together on a venture to help her create an album of songs she could then promote. Work progressed very quickly, and two albums were recently released on Bandcamp. We then invited her to front our Euphorium project, which is where you'll hear her today.

Songs of Love

This website features songs you may choose from, then provide us with details for them to be sung again, but personalized for the one you want to send it to. What a gift! A fully personalized song with studio-quality sound, sung by a vocalist you choose from. It's affordable too, and will keep bringing joy long after the song has been presented. Listen to a sample at the top of the page.


BowLord crafts violin and cello passages to create emotion is his original music. Ranging from light rock to full classical, his violin sound evokes deep feelings as he crafts each song to provide maximum in entertainment and enjoyment. We had the pleasure of recording all of his work here at Fingerman. Listen to a sample at the top of the page.

GODI is an acronym for 'Garden of Dark Inertia', the name of a rock ensemble that also features full orchestration on most songs. Fronted by Crystal Dreams, the vocals pack power. Originally recorded in 2016, the songs are still strong today, as they tell Crystal's story as a traveller in time and space. We are re-creating each song in 2013 and have begun with 'Tomorrow's Girl', featured at the top of this page.

From a Client

"I really enjoy working & spending time at Fingerman Studios! John's a great engineer who works WITH you to get the sound and vibes that YOU want. He has a gift of understanding & hearing exactly where I want the song to go. Great to work with; patient, tolerant, creative, and much more. I look forward to every session, filled with excitement as to what we will create next! I LOVE IT! Thanks John!"
Callie Piticco

From Vinny Appice

Vinny started playing drums at the age of nine. In 1980, he replaced Billy Ward in Black Sabbath and became recognizable in the rock world. Vinny Appice was the last drummer to play with Ronnie James Dio, and yes, Vinnie played on the Holy Diver album. In 2017 he was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History.