Although we are no longer taking on new clients, here are some of the many singers and musicians we've had the pleasure of working with over the years. They are listed in alphabetical order. Some only had us record one or two songs for them, while others have worked with us on many tracks.

  • A New Day

    This was a CD of inspirational background music originally commissioned by a Reiki Practitioner. It included the sounds of wind chimes, flutes and other natural and peaceful sounds.
  • Above The Violet

    Above The Violet was a hard rock band, which we recorded one track at a time. This provided an advantage, where an individual track could be re-recorded or even just a portion of it redone.
  • Anni

    Anni is a talented vocalist we have been working with. We recently produced her debut album. You can visit her website at www.annimusic.ca.
  • Cathy Belyea

    Cathy had never sung in a studio before, but came to us wishing to record 'Amazing Grace'. She did an awesome job and the song turned out great!
  • Bojan

    This young man came to us to record some original rap he had composed. The results turned out great.
  • BowLord

    BowLord plays violin and cello, and the instrumental music is set against a variety of musical styles, ranging from light rock to traditional classical.
  • Joel Derouin

    Although not at the studio, I had the opportunity to play music with this extremely talented L.A. studio musician.
  • EarthGrrl

    We worked with EarthGrrl to create an EP of several songs dealing with relationships from a female perspective.
  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth approached us to create a piece of music and a music video featuring it.                
  • Euphorium

    Euphorium is a symphonic metal band, utilizing full orchestration mixed with rock instrumentation and the powerful vocals of Anni.
  • Lindsay Foley

    Lindsay is an extremely talented singer who recorded a number of her original songs with us.
  • GODI

    Garden Of Dark Intertia, or GODI for short, is a syphonic rock band that recorded a CD of songs with us in 2016.
  • K-Mic

    We continue working with K-Mic (Michael Lesniowski) on a regular basis as he creates unique, original rap tracks.
  • Liz Marie

    We worked on music for Liz Marie who was in Sweden, sending tracks and stems back and forth by e-mail. Although she did not speak English, we were still able to work together.
  • Jody Marsolais

    We recorded Jody performing on singing bowls, gongs and other related instruments to create a CD of very moving sounds for him.
  • Alain Menard

    Alain is a very talented singer/songwriter who recorded a number of CD's with us over several years.
  • New Folkies

    We recorded a CD for this group, and I was asked to provide keyboard parts as well.
  • Daria Novy

    Daria is a vocalist who sings traditional songs set to fully orchestrated backing music. We created all of the tracks and recorded her vocals.
  • Callie Piticco

    We discovered Callie performing at a concert and encouraged her to record some of her wonderful original songs with us.
  • Scott Robinson

    Scott is a singer/songwriter who recorded a CD of very unique folky-rock songs about local places and activities.
  • Christophe Sarret

    Though not at the studio, I had the opportunity to play music with this amazing musician from France.
  • Kym Savage

    Kym was referred to us and we created a backing track which she recorded her vocals over.
  • Josee Seguin

    Josee had written a lullabye for her baby and wished to record it. It turned out amazing!
  • Matt Shank

    Matt is a talented singer/songwriter/musician who played most of the instruments for his own collection of unique original music.
  • Songs of Love

    Songs of Love is a service where you can order a personalized love song to send to a loved one. Their website is at www.songsoflove.ca.
  • Frank Stanley

    Frank is a talented singer/songwriter and came to us to record some of his tracks, which included his own backing vocals along with lead vocals and guitar.
  • Jeanne Ward

    Jeanne had some original songs she wished to record. She played guitar and sang, and we added additional backing instruments.
  • Kaitlyn Williams

    Kaitlyn came to us and recorded a couple of cover songs, but we created original backing tracks for her. She is a talented singer.
  • Jonny Yumang

    Jonny is unique, as he has a sort of older Elvis/Tom Jones vibe about him. He recorded several unique original songs with us.

We apologize to those we may have missed, as there have been others as well over the years. If you were here recording and we missed you, please feel free to contact us and we'll make sure you're listed here.