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Photo Gallery

Some photos taken during recording sessions, some of our facilities, and some of CD artwork created in-house.

  • John with Alain Menard
  • John with Callie Piticco and Lindsay Foley
  • John with Joel Derouin and Christophe Sarret
  • John with Jody Marsolais
  • John with Jonny Yumang
  • John with Scott Robinson
  • Josee Seguin
  • Matthieu Cameron
  • Lindsay Foley
  • The Studio
  • Roland MIDI Controller, Yamaha Keyboard, Hammond 1939 Model D organ
  • MIDI Sound Modules and Pre-Mixer
  • Bass Amp for Hammond Organ
  • Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit
  • Forest of Select Stringed Instruments
  • Guitar Amplification
  • Main Input and Monitoring Mixers
  • CD Cover - Alain Menard
  • A New Day CD Cover
  • Frenchie CD Cover - Alain Menard
  • CD Cover - GODI
  • CD Cover - Alain Menard