Some actual before and after samples of our clients work.

Grey Eyes - Earthgrrl (Callie Piticco)
We added drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and additional vocals.

Hushabye - Josee Seguin
We added a jazz sound featuring acoustic bass, drums, piano, sax and string ensemble.

Un Jour Viendra- Alain Menard
We added drums, bass, string ensemble, guitar solo and special effects.

Cowgirl - Jessica Hudon
We added drums, bass, guitar and hammond organ.

Do You Believe in Lonliness (cover) - Daria Novy
We re-created the original orchestration with too many instruments to mention.

Some people don't understand what we do here at Fingerman. Yes, we record singer/songwriters with high quality equipment, but we do a lot more by adding more instruments, effects processing, and full production of the tracks we record for our customers.

Here are some 'Before and After' samples that you can listen to in order to get a better understanding of our production process. These songs are the property of their respective composers, but illustrate how I might add the right instruments to better convey the song that the composer envisioned.

Fingerman Studios Mar 30, 2019