In 2010, John began 'hearing' music in his mind. He began laying down tracks to capture these songs, but they were complex - complete with orchestral accompaniment and choral passages. To further complicate things, some parts were distinctly 'Eastern' as in Arabic or Indian in their sound.

But persevering, a CD of songs was created, complete with lyrics intended to be sung by a female vocalist. The vocalist was found, and Callie Piticco became the voice of GODI. But the story doesn't stop there.

John had composed the lyrics of the songs in a way that told a story. The story was about a time traveling woman who was lead singer of GODI one moment - and a warrior of time and space the next. Some of the lyrics told of events that took place in a distant place and time.

To make the CD a little clearer to understand, John began writing liner notes near the beginning of 2011. But these 'notes' grew to 80 thousand words, a full novel. Then two more novels seemed to write themselves, also continuing the story of Crystal Dreams - the time travelling warrior who happens to sing in a rock band in the present time.

Three novels have been written, and the tracks of the first GODI CD are being re-mixed, in order to bring this collection of songs to the public.

Fingerman Studios Jun 12, 2010