Jonny approached us awhile back to record some of his original songs. Jonny has an interesting blend of high energy music, but in a retro type of style.

This song has some Tom Jones, a little James Brown, but mostly a whole lot of Jonny Yumang.

The song required some ooos and ahhhs, and so my wife Marlene provided those. But the biggest challenge was the horn section.

Unlike many keyboard players who set their machine to 'brass' and start hitting chords, I decided to take on the horn section from a different approach. A real horn section has split-second timing differences, and minor pitch and volume differences as well. By playing each instrument separately, meaning each trumpet, sax and trombone, the brass section has a much more 'real' sound and a more energetic vibe going on. It took a little more work and more time, but we think the results are well worth it.

Fingerman Studios Apr 15, 2010