Another GODI track, Time and Space, dealing with travelling through time and space. Although we all travel this way, our heroine and lead vocalist, Crystal Dreams, travels quickly to other places and times.

This is a rocker with the guitar, bass, drums and vocals, but is accompanied by an orchestra, and in some passages a choral ensemble.

All voices on the track consist of those of Callie Pittico and John Lister, who form the 'Callister Choral Ensemble', heard on many GODI tracks.

Just before the guitar solo, time is shifted when the guitar track is doubled and one of the copies held back to 'answer' the other track a bit later in time.

The guitar solo uses notes in an 'Eastern' scale, kind of Arabic or Indian at times. This reflects the land where Crystal Dreams visits in the 1400's in the lyrics of many of the songs.

The final chorus features the Callister Choral Ensemble, and then the song climaxes to it's completion.

Fingerman Studios Remixed: Nov 10, 2017