Ongoing work with Alain Menard

Alain has completed three CD's of original music in both English and French. He continues to compose and play instruments on these tracks, accompanied by John Lister of Fingerman Studios.

It all began in 2016 when Alain approached us regarding doing some recording of his original songs. He had heard that we could add tracking and production to people's songs in order to make them more complete. We worked together to complete his first CD of French songs. Alain played acoustic guitar and provided all of the vocal tracks. We did the rest, adding bass, drums, more guitars, keyboards, and all of the production elements.

From Alain

"Fingerman studios helped me with more than one CD. I've been working with John and he has a way to know what's in my mind, so when he adds bass or keyboards or any instrument, it is what I was already hoping to hear. I would recommend Fingerman Studios to any songwriter who would like to have their songs complete and produced, whether just to keep as mp3's or to release online or as a CD. "
Alain Menard

Returning in 2017, Alain decided to create two CDs at the same time, one in French and the other English songs. By the end of the year, both CDs were completed, with arrangments, production and mastering provided by Fingerman Studios. Alain plans on returning to work on yet another CD of songs.

With each song recorded, John learns a bit more about the type of sound Alain is looking for, and strives to get into Alain's thoughts to be able to create the right arrangements. The process seems to be working, as Alain is pretty happy with the results so far.

John had provided some trumpet passages on a few fo Alain's tracks, and this inspired Alain to purchase a trumpet and prepare to record his own trumpet playing in place of the keyboard trumpet John had composed and played. The result will be an added level of realness to tracks that combine synthesized instruments with real ones.

Both John and Alain look forward to more new songs from Alain. He plans to continue working on new material and tweaking some of the older songs. For live performances, he has had John remove acoustic guitars and vocals, while adding a short intro to help Alain play the guitar live. (and then the vocals)

At least one more CD is in the works, with another collection of Alain's unique songs, both in English and French, and in a variety of styles.

Fingerman Studios Nov 25, 2017