Creation of a "Before and After" audio sample

I was being asked over and over again how I was finding karaoke tracks for original songs. What? No, the background tracks we use are NEVER karaoke, and when someone composes an original song, obviously no karoke tracks exist.

The background tracks you hear are always original, meaning they are played one instrument at a time, in order to create the sound the client is looking for. To better illustrate this, I thought it a good idea to compile some "Before and After" samples so you can listen to the difference.

From John

"Fingerman studios has created backing tracks in styles ranging from classical to heavy rock, and from jazz to country, plus everything in between. We will always listen to the client and work with them to create the sound they are looking for. "
John Lister

This little compilation of "'Before and After" samples show what we do when creating a fully produced track for each client's songs. We will work closely with them to understand the type of sound they are looking for, and then we'll make it happen.

In a traditional studio, you would need to hire studio musicians, have sheet music written out for them, pay them to rehearse, then finally pay them to record. At Fingerman Studios, the process is remarkably fast, as I usually can learn the song while the client is recording their instrument and vocal track, so that additional tracks may be very quickly added and mixed.

The result is a professional-quality track with full instrumentation in a style that compliments the song. Often I will suggest harmony vocals or other ideas, and it is always up to the client whether these ideas are used or not. Usually though, the client likes the idea and we go with it. An entire song can often be recorded, additional tracks added, effects and/or addtional vocals added, all mixed down and completely produced within several hours.

To listen to the "Before and After" samples, tap or click HERE

Fingerman Studios Mar 29, 2019