New Hardware and Software

We upgraded our studio computer equipment and software early in 2016, in order to ensure reliability and to keep up with the changing pace of digital recording.

We also upgraded most of our plugins, which are modules that do everything from providing effects to creating digital instruments. With newer, more up to date pitch correction, reverbs, delays, etc. we are able to produce much higher quality sounds when working with clients. Our goal is to make everyone that comes to us sound as professional and polished as possible.

With plugins that do extreme space shifting, tape simulation, vinyl compression and many others, we can stretch beyond the imagination in creating a unique sound for any client.

If you are a singer/songwriter, or know of one, please have them contact us to arrange a no-obligation visit and discussion to see if we are the right fit with your style of music, and desired results. We won't take on a client unless we truly believe we can help them.

Fingerman Studios Jan 26, 2017