The Latest Studio News in Regards to COVID19


We've all been living with COVID19 and various restrictions imposed upon businesses. As of Monday, Nov 16, 2020, our area will be in 'Level Orange' which means no services will be permitted where face covering must be removed. Obviously, when recording vocals, it is imperative that the singer be free to express themselves without wearing a mask. Because of this new mandate, we will remain closed until further notice.


As the Covid situation continues to fluctuate, necessitating the studio opening or closing, please check here for the latest updated news regarding our situation.

Prior to the pandemic, we always used a nylon 'pop filter' between each vocalist and the studio microphone. Not only does this reduce pops and noises caused by breath, but by dininfecting it between clients, we were allowed to record again, during 'Level Yellow'. We also were disinfecting the headphones before and after each client.

Due to completely unrelated health issues, I will not be able to reopen the studio until early in 2021. I regret this situation, but once re-opened, the studio will be using a newer, more powerful computer for digital audio editing. This means your tracks will sound even better, and we can add more effects when doing the mix-down and production.

Fingerman Studios Nov 14, 2020