Recording and Video with Elizabeth Gagnon

Elizabeth came to Fingerman Studios after partially completing a very special song. We helped her complete it and record it. Once finished, we also created a video for the piece - with lyrics on the screen and other animations. The solo of the song featured a short slide-show of images related to the song.

From Elizabeth

"Working with Fingerman Studios was an amazing experience. John knew what I was looking for and helped me through it. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a place that listens and produces what you're looking for. Can't wait till the next time. Amazing work of art this man produces. 100% satisfied and more. Thank You"
Elizabeth Gagnon

Elizabeth was delighted with both the song and video and in about a week will embark on a flight to a distant summit, for which both the song and video were produced. We were very pleased to know she loved the work we helped her to create.

Fingerman Studios Apr 24, 2019