GODI Wraps Up First CD

After recording all of the bed tracks and vocals for the GODI CD, we brought in the Callister Choral Ensemble to lay down choir parts. The result was stunning, and we were surprised by the sound. If you don't know already, GODI, or the Garden of Dark Inertia, are a rock band, fronted by a female vocalist, and backed by both an orchestra and choir.

Recording the choral parts was the last step in putting this CD together. What remains is the daunting task of mixing so many tracks into a hard rocking collection of songs, yet with orchestral and choral parts that don't take away from the power of the band.

We accomplished this mostly by mixing the rock instruments up front, with the orchestral and choral parts more in the background, and also equalized so that they don't share frequencies with guitars, etc. With a whole lot of tweaking, we were able to create a mix we were pleased with. The first GODI CD was pressed and released on schedule and on budget.

Fingerman Studios May 12, 2012