Professional rap creations from Michael Lesniowski

Michael contacted Fingerman Studios and has brought some of his own backing beats to rap over. Our job has been to record the vocals, and add treatments to his tracks where it benefits the final mix.

For example, we may pan an echo hard left or right, or perhaps create some reverse reverb to lead into a single word. We often have suggestions, but as with every client, Michael has the final say as to whether or not we use the idea. In his case, we saw eye to eye on nearly all of the ideas that were added after his tracks were recorded.

From Michael

"Big shout out to www.fingermanstudios.ca for recording my new song Shorty Knows !!!!!!! Thx for being awesome! :) More to come.....stay tuned!!!!!!"
Michael Lesniowski

Although Michael has a couple of backing beats which he had produced elsewhere, he is planning on working with us on creating unique beats for his original rap songs.

It will be our absolute pleasure and quite a privilege to create custom beats to match the dynamics of Michael's songs. We very much look forward to working with him on that level.

With his first track completed, he will be returning to have us work with him on more tracks, and we'll give it our all for each song.

Fingerman Studios June 28, 2019