The Latest from Michael Lesniowski

Michael's latest track to complete with us is entitled 'Guardian Angel' and is a moving piece of artistry, based on his own experiences in life.

Each time, Michael brings us a rough sample of his composition, and we re-create the backing beat, using our own interpretation and instrumentation. His latest track 'Guardian Angel' features actual instruments, not loops of samples. For example, we created the drum track with a Roland beat box sound, played a Fender bass, and even added a bit of our 1939 Hammond organ, along with countless other synth and keyboard sounds. The result is a very 'live' sounding track that highlights Michael's rapping perfectly.

From Michael

"I want to thank John Lister at Fingerman Studios for his hard work and dedication that's been put into my projects. I came to John to record my first EP as my goal and his ideas have been great. We've recorded 5 songs so far.Im looking forward to more recording and to record a video in the future. "
Michael Lesniowski

We've worked on nearly half a dozen tracks so far, and each time, Michael's writing and rapping/vocal skills seem to exceed what he did the previous time.

The collection of tracks he is working on will be a pleasure for anyone to listen to, each with unique characteristics that set the track apart from the others.

Our intention is to provide these tracks to Michael so that he may use them to market his skills and unique style. These are fully-produced, ready for online listening, or burning onto CDs.

Fingerman Studios Updated Jan 15, 2020