We have MOVED!

The studio has moved to a major street in Cornwall. (still operated from my home) With more parking, better equipment, and a much nicer ambiance, we welcome our regular clients back, and open the door for new clients. We've always been affordable, and continue to charge our same low rates here in our upgraded studio location.

From John (owner)

"Fingerman studios has been in operation for over ten years here in Cornwall, Ontario. We specialize in producing high-quality tracks for those who want their original tunes produced as professional music tracks. We look forward to continuing with our regular clients, while welcoming new ones to our new location."
John Lister

Back on Jan 1, 2018, we decided to move from our basement location in North Cornwall. The search was on for a home to purchase that would also provide space for our studio. We found a century home on a major street in Cornwall, and are pleased to announce the re-opening of Fingerman Studios from this new, exciting location.

The studio is now located on the ground floor of our home, enabling those with mobility issues to make recordings with us. Parking is available from two different streets, making it easier to get in and out.

We also have the massive beast of a Hammond Organ working. It's a 'D' model from 1939, and provides that unmistakable Hammond sound. (and weighs 450 pounds) We've also got new (vintage) sound modules that can provide even more variety to our repertoire of synth and keyboard sounds.

We use actual guitars and basses to create those tracks, rather than rely on samples or electronic sources. This gives the final sound more realism and a true spectrum of both analog and digitally sourced instrument sounds.

If you are a singer/songwriter, or anyone wishing to record their own songs, we are the best choice in the area. For bands, rappers, etc. we recommend going elsewhere as we don't have the room for full bands, nor do we work with rappers and background tracks. Our specialty remains assisting creative people who wish to have a professional track made of their songs.

Whether you are a single songwriter, a team, or even a trio, we can help. We will record your tracks and work with you to provide what you are looking for in the way of finished tracks.

Fingerman Studios Sep 09, 2018