We now have TWO virtual orchestras at our disposal

After exploring virtual instruments, which sound very close to the real thing, we discovered two virtual orchestras. These don't synthesize sounds, they use actual samples of notes being played, so what I play on the keyboard is what you hear back with the real sounds of each orchestra.

The first one I discovered was the BBC Symphony Orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Using the software, you are presented with a virtual floor plan showing the placement of each instrument section. You then choose one of them, and may further select the way the sounds are played, for example violins being bowed or plucked.

The second orchestra is the Miroslav Philharmonik, recorded in Prague. It features similar sounds, but also includes solo instruments, and many additional related sounds. One in particular, is the concert grand piano which has amazingly realistic sound.

So rather than using the 'strings' setting on a keyboard with synthesized sounds, I am able to play separate cellos, violins, violas, basses, etc. and create an authentically real string ensemble. There are woodwinds, percussion, brass, even choirs and harpsichords, all with sounds digitally recorded from the real sources. What we've done so far is very impressive, as the listener can't tell if it was played by us, or an actual recording of a performance by an orchestra.

Naturally, the reason for these orchestral sounds are to be able to enhance your own music when you record with us. We'll be happy to add an orchstral background or section to your tracks when they would benefit from it.

Fingerman Studios Updated Dec 11, 2021