New Rap Artist Bojan

Rap artist Bojan Miler began recording with us late in December 2018. His original material is filled with life, as he expresses everything and anything in a compelling and powerful manner. His strong vocals capture the listener and carries them away on a journey of life and love, death and positivity - somehow all at the same time.

From Bojan

"Coming Soon... "

Bojan will be back in the studio early in the new year, and intends to wrap up at least one CD worth of material. Working with Fingerman Studios has provided him the opportunity to get his material recorded at the level of quality he desired, but also to work in an environment that is positive and fun.

We'll be adding at least one of his tracks to our MP3 section soon, so please check back to see when it is there.

Fingerman Studios Dec 30, 2018