New Hardware and Software!

While we remain closed due to COVID-19, we've updated our main recording computer and added more select plugins to our arsenal of software. Once it is safe to do so, we will be re-opening and welcoming clients back with better, more reliable and powerful equipment.

From John (owner)

"Although we are permitted to open our business under present COVID-19 laws, we have chosen not to for a few valid reasons. For starters, our studio is in our home, and we prefer not to have strangers coming through our personal space during the pandemic. Secondly, our main microphone cannot be sanitized, as it is susceptible to moisture. Vocalists must perform without a mask, and that would make for very unsanitary conditions. We'd much rather wait this one out to ensure both our clientelle and ourselves are safe."
John Lister

We've been using a fairly standard business-class computer for our music recording needs, and felt it was time for an upgrade after a few years of use.

The new computer features a solid state drive for the operating system, and a pair of hard drives in a RAID configuration for data. This means that your tracks are digitally recorded onto two drives in parallel, so that should one of the drives fail, your data will be safely intact on the other one. The new machine is also much faster and more powerful than the one it replaced.

We also felt it was time to upgrade our DAW software. (Digital Audio Workstation) To our surprise, Cakewalk, the makers of Sonar Producer, our software, has discontinued making the product after 30 years in business. But another company purchased them and after upgrading the sofware, continues to offer Cakewalk, which provided a much needed upgrade for us.

In addition to the DAW upgrade, we've also purchased newer and very impressive plugins which provide the effects in our recording processs. Although we have many industry-standard plugins already, the addition of some new ones has brought us up to today's standards, so that we may create more modern tracks.

It was also realized that we tend to use favorite plugins that we are more familiar with, so we created a faster access to just these plugins, rather than searching through a huge list every time we're looking for that exact sound. This saves the artist time and money, as we can work more efficiently.

If you are a singer/songwriter, or anyone wishing to record their own songs, we are the best choice in the area. For bands, rappers, etc. we recommend going elsewhere as we don't have the room for full bands, nor do we work with rappers bringing their own beats. (background tracks) Our specialty remains assisting creative people who wish to have a professional track made of their original music.

Fingerman Studios Mar 25, 2021