Finally - Virtual Synthesizers

For many years, we've used a midi controller keyboard to control various digital sound modules. This has given us a wide variety of sounds, but all synthesized. Many are very realistic, yet none are actual sampled sounds of real instruments.

Recently, we've added virtual instruments to our repertoire of sounds. These are software-based, and some synthesize the sounds using the computer, while others use actual sound samples, digitally recorded and the real thing. Whether the sounds are synthesized or sampled, they live in the computer and not in external sound modules. For this reason, sounds are cleaner, there is no hum, and no need to route anything through a mixer or via cables.

We have started producing beats - backing tracks commonly used by rappers - and are now fully equipped to produce hip-hop or rap tracks for anyone wishing to record in these styles. By combining some new virtual instruments with traditional instruments, a very full sound may be achieved, depending on the style of song being produced.

Fingerman Studios Updated Nov 17, 2021