More Sounds - More Power

We've been using a fairly powerful computer for all of our digital recording, mixing, and producting needs, which includes the use of digital effect processors. But we've recently stepped into a whole new world, requiring even more computer power.

The world we've entered is that of virtual instruments. Some of us may remember MIDI, a way of storing songs that would have their tones played back by the computer inboard sounds. Today, these inboard sounds have become monstrous sample libraries. A Virtual Instrument will allow the performer to access these sounds by playing them on a music keyboard. For example, we recently downloaded the BBC Symphony Orchestra. If we look at only the violin section, we have samples of bowed violins, plucked violins, and other intonations. Each note, played in each style, is a sample that sits in a hard drive, so that when the musician chooses a note, it plays the crystal clear actual tone of the instrument, rather than a synthesized sound. The results are breathtaking.

The downside of using such magnificent virtual instruments is that a lot more computer storage is needed due to the huge file sizes of the libraries, and a lot more processing power and RAM is required in order to play back multiple tracks of these sampled sounds. So we've beefed up our music computer with more RAM and more storage space, all backed up to avoid loss of any digital files. We're starting off the new year with a whole new arsenal of music creating tools, using this newer technology.

When using the term 'virtual instruments', it can refer to anything that makes a sound. We've also purchased several choirs and single voices, to be able to add realistic human elements to the tracks we produce. We've been relying more on the pristine digital sounds and a bit less on recording our own tracks. For example, if a rapper required a repetitive beat for 3 1/2 minutes, we used to use the digital drum kit and physically play for that long. Now we can do it in the computer, and create a very short beat and cause it to loop for any required length of time. Saving time saves our clients money too, while adding newer and nicer sounds.

Fingerman Studios Updated Dec 30, 2021