We do a lot of things here at Fingerman Studios, but you could break it down into the following three steps we take with each client who works with us.

1. Recording Your Tracks

We start by listening to you and learning about what you'd like to accomplish. We'll record your instruments, vocals, or any other tracks you wish to record, providing a high quality recording of your music. We have been doing this for some time, and are expert at capturing you at your best. We may also suggest a different mike placement, attention to pitch, etc. as required.

2. We Add What You Need

If you want additional instruments, we can add them quickly and affordably, whether they may be drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, or some of each. You're the boss though - we will suggest, but won't impose. We have a knack for anticipating what the client wants for their music, and our additional tracks are generally what the song needs, and therefore, what the client usually agrees to.

Rappers and hip-hop artists sometimes provide their own backing 'beat' but usually we provide that for them. We can create a custom beat as part of the normal studio fee, or you may choose from our library and we'll add your vocals over top of the track. We can easily customize the length, speed, and other things once you find a beat you like.

3. We Mix it Down

Once you are happy with the music or beat tracks, we'll produce your work, by providing a stereo mix that will sound professional and highlight your performance. We have everything from basic reverbs to virtual tape decks, pitch correction, virtual vinyl pressing, and more, all to give you the exact sound you are looking for.

3. We Master your Final Track

When the final production is done, we'll provide mastering so that your track has maximum punch, volume, drive, etc. and cuts through the competition.

We charge a flat hourly rate with discounts on larger projects. You never need worry about how much something will cost, and this allows you peace of mind during the music production process.

The Little Studio With The BIG Sound

Yes, we are in a physically small space, yet we are well equipped with professional equipment, and the latest software. Most importantly, we have the knowledge and experience that allows us to use what we have to the max! The result is always a professional final mix that sounds like it came out of a much larger studio. We can lay down as many tracks as you need, and with panning, equalization, effects and proper mixing, the resulting production will sound awesome! Whether you're a seasoned professional, or a first-time songwriter, we'll make you feel at ease, and capture you at your best.


We're ideal for you. You come prepared with your voice and instrument and we can make it happen - all the way up to a fully-produced master. We generally record your instrument track first, then your vocals, then we add whatever you may need, such as drums, bass, other guitars, keyboards, etc.

We've helped numerous singer-songwriters over the years, and this is our specialty - taking a bare-bones song and adding instruments, effects, arrangements and production to create something very uniquely yours.

From a Client

"I met John by accident, looking up studio web sites one morning. I had decided to go ahead with my singing career and see where it would take me. From the moment I first met him, he has inspired me to the core; he is keeping me going and certainly believes in my singing. We have already done three songs together for my sites and are currently working on my own personal song. John is a musical genius; I can just walk in and he knows exactly what I want and how it is supposed to sound. He just has a "zen" let's say and for whatever reason we were brought together to do this song. I will forever be grateful we met and look forward to doing a whole Cd together. Thanks John."
Cathy Belyea


Although we can and have recorded bands here, we do it one track at a time. Usually the drum track is laid down first, and often a guitar and vocal can be played along for reference - then re-added to the mix later. This works well, but if your band wants to record 'off the floor', you will need a larger physical space than what we can provide. However, if you can do one track at a time, we can create a very tight and high quality recording of your songs. An advantage of working this way is that any portion of any track may be replaced, or 'fixed' after everything is complete.


We receive a number of inquiries from rappers wishing to make a recording. Often, they are not equipped with backing tracks, or if they are, they are other peoples copyrighted works. In order to keep everything legal, we highly recommend that we re-create a beat based loosely on the track you are wishing to rap to. The quality will exceed that of most beats we hear, and you can rest easy knowing you are not violating any copyrights. The beat we create for you is automatically licensed by us for you to share.


Singers often approach us to record them singing over a karaoke backing track. The problem is that karaoke CDs and tracks are issued with a license for public or private performance only. In other words, they may not be re-recorded with a vocal track, unless the person wishing to do so contacts the record label or production company and arranges to pay for copyright clearance to record the song using their tracks. It is not generally an affordable option. We do have a solution though - we can re-create the backing tracks - one instrument at a time - and change the song to better suit your style - or we can leave it as it is - the choice is yours. If you do not write your own songs, but would like to record yourself singing other people's compositions, this is the perfect solution. Here is a sample where we played each instrument to closely re-create the original.


Our fee structure differs from that of the larger studios. We charge a single hourly rate for all of the services we provide. (see below) For that hourly rate, we begin as your studio engineer, professionally recording your tracks. We may then act as your studio musicians, adding instruments to your piece of music. We can also assist in arranging your music elements. Finally we work as your music producer, mixing, equalizing, and creating a final mix. We may even do other tasks, such as video recording, graphic design for a CD cover, etc. and it is all done at the same rate. This is far less expensive than hiring individual people, as you would need to do at a larger facility.

If you are using one of our beat backings for a rap or hip-hop track, we will also charge the license fee for you to use that beat. It's a small fee and saves you a lot of money compared to having us create a custom beat.

Fee Structure

Hourly Rate: $48.00
Regular client* hourly rate: $45.00
Regular client* three hour session: $120.00 (works out to $40.00/hour)

At this time, Fingerman Studios accepts CA$H ONLY due to the nature of the business.

We do not offer sessions in excess of four hours, simply because both creativity and attention tend to weaken after more than four consecutive hours of work.

*Regular Client means anyone who comes to record on a regular basis and is prompt and pays on time. After your first two sessions with us, we will consider you to be a regular client if you return on a regular basis, for example, to work on a CD project or any group of songs. Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice, but we will always post the most current prices here on our website.


When we book a client for a date/time, we have to shuffle other work to clear the time for them, as well as preparing equipment. As a result, if a client fails to contact us within 24 HOURS to cancel, we will assume you are late but will continue to honor the booking for one hour. If or when you arrive, you will be expected to pay from the start of your booked time. If you are a no-show, we will charge you that hour at your next session. If you are a no-show more than once, we will refuse to book you again. This policy is necessary in order for us to offer our services at the rates we do. It would not be fair to other clients to have to raise our rates because of those who don't show up or fail to cancel.


When we meet with you, we'll be honest. If you don't have your songwriting skills together, we'll let you know and hope that you'll come back once you're ready. We don't believe in taking your money if we can't help you. That doesn't mean you need to be perfect - far from it. As long as you can hold a tune and have some sort of song ideas, we can help.

In fact, there's nothing we love more than seeing the look on a client's face once they hear their song in its fully produced form. So contact us today and we'll see if we can help you. Chances are, we can and you'll be thrilled at the results!

We also keep our rates as low as possible, but remember that we must maintain computer hardware and software, purchase newer effect plugins, and also maintain musical instruments, both real ones and virtual.