GODI - Angel of the Dawn

This version of the song features two lead vocalists. One plays the part of Crystal Dreams, and the later half shows her daughter, Aligail. The video is set partially in the 1400's and partially in the present age.

We shot mostly outdoors, to illustrate some of the places mentioned in the text that accompanies the music.

We faced a challenge, because we did not have any footage of the original singer, Callie Piticco, singing this song. We used slow-motion video and other footage to fill the first portion of the video.

Things change when Jessica Hudon, playing the part of Aligail, begins her portion of the song, as we shot her singing in various outdoor locations.

All in all, we were pleased with this video, as it helped to tell the story of Crystal Dreams and Aligail.

Fingerman Studios Mar 25, 2012