Trailer Five - More Than Life

We produced this video of local band, Trailer Five in 2014. The video begins in black and white, with lead singer Jorden Terriah leaving the house, obviously upset, and walking to a local bar.

The scene then changes to guitarist Tyler Whatley receiving a phone call, then he heads out on foot. Next, bass player Brad Bonk is shaving in his favorite phone booth, when the phone rings. He too gets a call and heads out, walking up the street.

After this, we see the drummer, Rene Martin, at a local bar getting a phone call. Brad comes in, and they both head out to a different bar. We see Jorden having a beer, and Tyler coming in and joining him. Before long, Brad and Rene also appear.

Finally, in the last minute of the video, we see the band actually performing at the bar, and in full color and from different camera angles, including one mounted on Tyler's guitar as the song ends.

Fingerman Studios Apr 20, 2014